Aquarium of the Pacific | Long Beach

Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific

Here are photos that we have taken at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  Wedding photography at the Long Beach Aquarium is truly fun and exciting, with a variety of colorful and amazing backdrops to play with.  Wedding ceremonies at the Aquarium of the Pacific happen in front of a large, three-story fish tank (the Blue Cavern exhibit).  My favorite moment is when the bubbles come up in the aquarium, which is actually a technique to protect the fish from bumping into the glass.  Outdoor events or the cocktail hour happen outside in the shark lagoon.  The reception dinner is held in the Great Hall, which is right under a life-size rendition of a blue whale.

As a Photographer at the Aquarium…

The hardest part about shooting at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is by far the lighting.  Large ceilings make lighting difficult, along with reflective glass surfaces from the aquariums.  Ambient light is very limited and spotty.  A good photographer will be able to bring additional lighting to deal with the wide variety of lighting situations.  Judy and Gavin bring studio strobes to light the Long Beach Aquarium correctly, as you can see in the wedding photos to the right.