Downtown Los Angeles is an ideal place for both engagement photography and wedding photography. It’s the best backdrop for urban and modern wedding photos, especially with the signature LA skyline. The lights, the metal, and the glass all add to an ambiance only known as city life.

Locations in Downtown Los Angeles

Cicada Club

The Cicada Club is a truly classic venue, with history spanning back to 1928, when the Oviatt building was first built. It's one of the few ways one can take a time machine back to the 1920's and 1930's here in Los Angeles.

City Club

The Los Angeles City Club is an exclusive event space that has sweeping views of the city of Los Angeles. It's located on the 51st floor at 555 Flower St.

Los Angeles Athletic Club

The LA Athletic Club is a classic downtown Los Angeles wedding location, offering a beautiful ballroom and a unique rooftop wedding ceremony on the helipad (with sweeping views of the taller buildings surrounding it). Read on for examples of LA Athletic Club wedding photos.

Oviatt Penthouse

The Oviatt Penthouse in downtown Los Angeles is an amazing place for a wedding (and makes for stunning wedding photography). The Oviatt offers beautiful views of the surrounding city landscape. It's an ideal rooftop wedding venue.

Seven Grand Bar

The Seven Grand Bar is a common spot to get an after work drink in downtown Los Angeles. Some of our couples have sentimental feelings attached to this location, which makes it a perfect spot for engagement photos.


Vibiana is a Catholic church that was restored and repurposed for an event and wedding space. It features towering ceilings and beautiful architecture, surely making it one of the most memorable wedding locations in downtown Los Angeles.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is an icon and landmark of downtown Los Angeles. It's a hotspot for wedding photography, but it's truly a different and amazing experience witnessing a wedding there.

Wedding Videos in Downtown Los Angeles

Here’s a video we did at the City Club in downtown Los Angeles.