We live in San Dimas, so this is our hometown and home turf. We love this town and it’s little intricacies. San Dimas is a quiet city on the eastern edge of Los Angeles County. So it only makes sense that we do San Dimas wedding photography!

Locations in San Dimas

Bonelli Park

Bonelli Park is located in the south hills of San Dimas, bordering Pomona and La Verne

Puddingstone Resort

The Puddingstone Resort and Spa is located in Bonelli Park in San Dimas.

San Dimas Engagement Photography

Wedding Photographers in San Dimas

Judy + Gavin are a husband wife team that provides San Dimas wedding photography. We have an intimate knowledge of the locations in San Dimas and the surrounding area. Contact us if you are looking for wedding photographers in San Dimas. We also provide wedding videography services. Look around our wedding portfolio to get an idea of our style and art.