Our national parks are an amazing resource that gives world famous landscapes only a day’s drive in California. From Yosemite to Sequoia to Joshua Tree, California offers some of the most picturesque and unique backdrops for wedding and engagement photography.

Wedding + Engagement Photography at National Parks

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is a magical place out in the deserts of California. It looks alien, with the many rock structures and signature Joshua trees that dot the arid landscape. Many people like camping out in Joshua Tree, which makes wedding and engagement photography that much more meaningful for some people.

Mojave Desert

The Mojave National Preserve is a beautiful place. It's a place for minimalists enjoying nature. It's a blank slate to frame an isolated subject. The desert is home to large, white salt flats and undulating sand dunes.

Sequoia National Park

The towering, majestic trees of Sequoia National Park make the perfect backdrop for wedding and engagement photography. It's a place for nature-lovers, hikers, and adventurers.


Yosemite is a personal favorite of the many national parks available to us in California. Yosemite Valley is a unique and magical place, with towering cliffs offering a distinct backdrop for photography. There's a reason that Ansel Adams covered it so much.