Wedding Photography Pricing

Here is our wedding photography packages and pricing page.

Just Judy or Just Gavin $2,950

Judy and Gavin are both lead photographers that can cover your wedding day. We can help you decide on which one is a better match for you. This package includes:

Judy and Gavin

Judy + Gavin $4,450

We love shooting together, so we offer this package for our couples that want both of us for a discounted price. It’s a win-win!

What’s the benefit of both Judy + Gavin?

We make a great team together and it becomes one of those 1+1=3 situations. When we are shooting by ourselves, we focus on a reliable product, while experimenting when we can. With both of us there, we have a workflow that allows more experimentation and creativity, where we bounce off of each other back and forth. We know and use our strengths in turn to maximize our coverage of a wedding.

What’s the difference between Judy + Gavin?

Judy has the more softer and feminine approach to wedding photography. She isn’t afraid to try new poses and tell you what to do. Before this she was on the path to a career in pharmacy, so you’ll see she’s meticulous and detail-oriented. Fun and energetic, it’s pretty obvious to see why Gavin had to marry her.

Gavin started the company and taught Judy photography. He was a computer engineer before starting wedding videography, which then expanded to photography. He is a technical yet artistic photographer that likes to push the boundaries and try new things, especially with lighting.

Both of us are friendly and down-to-earth people that love what we do. So you can be rest assured that either of us will take care of you.