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Wedding Photography | Los Angeles + Orange County

Judy and Gavin are Los Angeles wedding photographers specializing in unique and creative photojournalistic wedding photos. With a candid and friendly style, we capture moments and beauty in a special day with close people. By being non-obtrusive, we let our couples be themselves, unaware of the hard work and imagination that goes into producing our unique wedding photography. Los Angeles and Orange County are free of charge, though travel charges apply to weddings that take place further away. We do destination wedding photography for couples that elope or just want a more exotic / different location.

Orange County Wedding Photography

Amazing Santa Monica Engagement Photography Sunset
Amazing Santa Monica Engagement Photography Sunset

Wedding Photography – Orange County has many amazing wedding venues and locations. Doing wedding photography in Orange County is always awesome, since it has arguably the best beaches in California (especially south Orange County towards Laguna Beach). Using a wedding photographer in Orange County means that you can take advantage of the small locations that really show off the beauty and unique textures that Orange County has to offer. From the beautiful cliffs of Laguna Beach (wedding photography there is especially dramatic) to the many grassy fields of yellow (or green in the springtime), a wedding photographer in Orange County has many different photographic landscapes to play with. You can get photos with the San Juan Capistrano Mission in the background or serene green backdrops of many local parks. There are many wedding venues in Orange County, lining up and down the gorgeous beaches. You have resorts in Monarch Bay, where celebrities and the like stay for a vacation, to the resorts lining Huntington beach, with the laid-back orange county surfer attitude and lifestyle. For the best in Orange County wedding photography, check out the rest of our varied wedding photography portfolio. Also check out our wedding photography in Los Angeles and neighboring counties.

Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Los Angeles Engagement Photo on Railroad Tracks
Los Angeles Engagement Photo

Wedding photography in Los Angeles is always a treat, with many wedding venues and locations with many different flavors and styles. With the texture of a large metropolis, a Los Angeles wedding photographer has the many same backdrops that are used in many movie productions. From tall skyscrapers to the many palm trees to the beaches of Santa Monica, there are many wedding photography opportunities in Los Angeles. There is an abundance of talent here, mostly due to the media industry. Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate to the makings of a good wedding photographer or wedding videographer. Weddings are a special type of event that require the right personality and work ethic. For all your Los Angeles wedding photography needs, look no further. Here is our page on wedding venues were we’ve done wedding photography (Los Angeles).

Orange County Wedding Videography

Orange County Wedding Photography under tree
Orange County Wedding Photography

We offer wedding videography in Orange County (wedding videography and wedding photography too). Wedding videography (Orange County is a great place for a beautiful wedding) is a great way to capture the wedding day, but there are many different types of videography that a couple can choose from. There is the traditional wedding video (Orange County tends to shy away from this), which can be intrusive or distracting during the wedding day. More importantly, the final product is sometimes “cheesy,” dated, and often too long to watch. Documentary wedding videography (Los Angeles videographers use this style often) is about capturing the events of the day with professional footage, which is more “fly on the wall” and less “oh can you spin around with your dress.” This is usually less obtrusive. The final product can either be artistic or simple (documentary) depending on the editing style. Here are examples of where we did wedding photography (Orange County).

Los Angeles Wedding Videography

We cover wedding videography (Los Angeles or Orange County) with a modern and artistic approach. A Los Angeles wedding video production can vary from a large crew (with cranes and steadycams) to a one man production crew. We like the simpler, less intrusive approach for our wedding video (Los Angeles tends to have larger, obtrusive crews that would like it to be more of a movie production). The final product is not the only thing that matters; a bad experience during the wedding day can offset the beautiful video they produce. This can happen with wedding videography in Orange County too. You can see more on our sample wedding video page.

JG Wedding Photography | Husband + Wife Wedding Photographer Team

Judy and Gavin

Judy and Gavin (JG) photography is a husband + wife photographer team based in Los Angeles and Orange County. Wedding photography is a passion for both and we work well as a team, especially for our wedding package for both photography and wedding videography. JG Photography will allow your day to have the ease and personal touch of people that are intimately familiar with weddings, but with the professional, modern, and fun edge that our artistic photography creates. Don’t hesitate to contact Judy and Gavin (JG) Photography to answer your questions.