Judy (for inquiries)

(626) 216-4332

Gavin (for technical stuff)

(323) 605-4224

We are total night owls, so feel free to call us anytime from Noon to Midnight.  You can also text us first so we know you aren’t a spam call.



So How Does This Work?

A quick timeline of what to expect

Right Now
First Contact
Reach us via email, phone, or txt. You can also contact us on FB or Insta. We insist that we talk with each and every couple, since it's really important that we connect well.
Right Now
Usually within a month
Meet Us
We require a meeting of some sort with every couple. You are stuck with us for the whole wedding day, so it's important that we vibe. We will either meet physically (usually halfway) or do a video call if things are too busy or remote.
Usually within a month
Before your wedding
Schedule Engagement Sessions, etc.
We will step you through choosing a date and location for your engagement session. Also, we can cover pre-wedding events such as a rehearsal dinner or sangeet.
Before your wedding
Your Wedding Date
Wedding Day!
We shoot. You enjoy the day! By now you know us and we have become a part of your event. We help move the day along, working behind the scenes with the other professional vendors to make your day happen.
Your Wedding Date
Less than 3 months later
We deliver photos usually within 4 weeks, and videos usually within 2 months. We leave full control of your images and video when we give you the full resolution product, so there are no other sit-downs or meetings.
Less than 3 months later