Judy is:

{ goofy } { really sweet } { a cat lover }
{ a hopeless romantic } { in love with Gavin }

I had actually gotten my B.S. in Biology from CSULA and was applying to pharmacy schools when I started photographing weddings with Gavin (8 years ago). What was a fun weekend job with my boyfriend has turned into our own business that we run together as hubby and wifey. The awesome thing about our team is that I add a feminine side to our dynamic duo, which comes as both a style of photography and as comfort that I create with my brides. I’m a sucker for kitty cats (we have two that we love to death) and awesome food.

Gavin is:

{ A happy guy } { tall } { mellow }
{ a geek at heart }
{ technical and artistic }

As a graduate of UCLA engineering, I started with a not-so-exciting computer job with a side job doing videography (since 2002 actually).  From there, I took a hobby and expanded it into our own little business that we run together.  I’ve been doing videography for over 10 years now, but I picked up my first photo camera in 2006. I’m also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a white belt in target shooting, and a black belt in photography. I make my baby back ribs and spaghetti sauce from scratch.

Happiness isn’t something you experience;
it’s something you remember.  -Oscar Levant

I really hope to capture each moment the best way I can, leaving lasting memories of happy days.  The funny thing is I never really looked at this as a job; I look at my photography as an obligation and an honor.

Judy + Gavin are:

{ stupid for each other }
{ foodies } { travelers }
{ partners in crime }

The funny thing is neither of us were supposed to be photographers, and yet here we are! We work as a well oiled machine (mostly because Judy says, “or else!”) and that makes a big difference on the wedding day. We also genuinely love our jobs, genuinely like our clients, and genuinely dislike spaghetti sauce that’s been cooked for less than an hour. We are one of the few couples we know that can work together all day and still smile at each other in our home’s hallways. We still hold hands, even on the job (except when we need to get the shot!).

All joking aside, we really do try to run a healthy and honest small business. We don’t overcharge our couples for bad photography and we don’t up-sell them on things they don’t need (thus our lack of tiered pricing). We don’t double-book days. We show up to each shoot on time and with a smile, because that’s what we wanted for our own wedding. And we are honored that so many have trusted us to do that for them.

Judy and Gavin Holt