Wedding Photography of venues in Los Angeles (LA) County

There are a large variety of amazing places to have a Los Angeles wedding (photography will really bring out the venue). Here are examples of some Southern California Wedding Venues as we see them. Please check in to this page to see more and more examples of Los Angeles wedding photography as it becomes available. Doing wedding photography (Long Beach and Pasadena) requires knowing the small local spots that make amazing photos.

Engagement + Wedding Photography in Los Angeles County

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a city known around the world and is synonymous with wealth, luxury, and glamour. Weddings in this prestigious city get to carry that with a name that is a brand in and of itself.

City of Industry

The city of Industry is an industrial suburb of Los Angeles and is almost all industry. It's bordered by Walnut, Diamond Bar, Hacienda Heights, and West Covina. It's also home to the Pacific Palms Resort, which is a premier wedding location in the San Gabriel Valley.

City of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles sprawls across the Los Angeles basin, from the Los Angles Harbor to as far north as San Fernando. It covers 500 square miles and is the 2nd most populous city in the States. It has many locations that are famous from Hollywood movies.


Claremont is quiet town on the very eastern edge of Los Angeles County. We live in San Dimas, so we consider Claremont our neighbor and our home (and we offer discounts for that too!). From the beautiful Claremont Colleges to the historic Padua Theatre, Claremont is a place of charm.

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles is an ideal place for both engagement photography and wedding photography. It's the best backdrop for urban and modern wedding photos, especially with the signature LA skyline. The lights, the metal, and the glass all add to an ambiance only known as city life.


Malibu is a coastal community that is known for its gorgeous beaches and cliffs, along with the wealthy and famous residents. Wedding photography in Malibu often includes the beautiful beaches and shoreline, along with views of Pacific Coast Highway from Malibu Canyon

Palos Verdes

Palos Verdes Estates, or more commonly known as Palos Verdes or PV, is a residential community on the southwest corner of Los Angeles County (on the Palos Verdes Peninsula ). It's known for it's scenic ocean views and cliffs.


The city of Pasadena is located north east of Los Angeles and is the end (or beginning) of the 110 freeway (first freeway ever built). It's a unique city, with a blustering and fun downtown area. The wedding photography opportunities vary as much as Pasadena's personality.

San Dimas

We live in San Dimas, so this is our hometown and home turf. We love this town and it's little intricacies. San Dimas is a quiet city on the eastern edge of Los Angeles County. So it only makes sense that we do San Dimas wedding photography!

San Gabriel

San Gabriel is a city located east of Los Angeles in the appropriately named San Gabriel Valley (or SGV). San Gabriel is known for it's large Asian population, and amazing Asian food! It's also home to the San Gabriel Mission.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of the largest tourist spots in Los Angeles County, due to it's large beaches, huge pier, and it's well-known and iconic landmarks. If you get around the crowds, it's a great place for engagement and wedding photography.

Westlake Village

Westlake Village is a suburb that borders on Ventura County and Los Angeles County.