EngagementSession Pricing

Here is our engagement photography pricing and packages, for Los Angeles and Orange County.

Full Engagement Photo Session – $800

Here are the prices and packages for our engagement photography. Pricing is split into full sessions and half sessions.

  • 2 hour session
  • 2 locations
  • 120-180 high-res images delivered

1hr Engagement Photo Session – $500

  • 1 hour session
  • 1 location
  • 50-100 high-res images delivered

Examples of our Engagement Photos

Here is a full engagement photography session. This shows you the wide range of images we get during a session and how our shoot progresses and changes. It’s important to see full sessions to establish consistency and reliability.

Engagement Photo Blooper
Having fun during the engagement shoot!!

How a typical engagement session goes

Before the engagement shoot

We first start with choosing a date and location.

The date depends on what the engagement photos are used for. Save the date cards would require an earlier shoot date, while photos for display at the wedding can be done a couple weeks before the wedding date. Some of our couples choose to do the session after their wedding (usually due to limited time or availability).

The location depends on what our couples imagine matches them and their personalities. Outdoorsy couples would like the outdoors. Urban couples will love the city. And there is always the beach, where Southern California has some of the most scenic beaches in the country. After brainstorming a location, we help our couples finalize a location. We offer our professional input on that decision, since some locations have limitations (permits, crowds, access, distance).

During the engagement shoot

The first 15 minutes is usually awkward, since most of our couples have never done a photo session before. But this passes and does so quickly. Based on the couple, we help develop a sort of “muscle memory” for taking photos. For some that means posing, for some that means guidance, and for some it just means they can be themselves. Every couple is different and we try to bring that out in them during the session. This also helps build up muscle memory for the wedding day, making it much smoother later on.

A quiet moment on the beach in a driftwood cabana

During a full engagement photography session, we can move from one location to another. We must keep in mind that time spent traveling is time not spent taking photos, and we’d rather be taking photos. The same applies to outfit changes. If it takes 20 minutes to put on a suit or dress, then that is 20 minutes we could have gotten more photos.

We recommend sandals or slip-on shoes (to replace high-heels) for traveling from one spot to another.

We recommend a towel for if we are at the beach, in case we get a little wet.

We really recommend that you be yourself and be that way with each other!

After the engagement shoot

After the engagement photos are done, we go home and do post-production (editing) on the images. The first part is where we cull the images down to a selection, picking the best images from the session. Then we edit those images, export them from RAW files to JPG (JPGs are the images we see on websites and phones all the time), and upload them to our server. From there you can download the whole engagement photography session or just individual photos.

We strongly recommend that you download the engagement photos and then upload the photos back onto your own cloud service (iCloud, Google Drive, etc.). That way you always have a backup. We keep our images backed up indefinitely, but you should never rely on any photographer to be your backup. Also, we recommend keeping a copy in another home, such as on a backup hard drive at a parent’s home.

Engagement Photography Beach
Engagement Photography at the Beach (Orange County)

We keep all of our pricing online and transparent, so make sure to check out our other photo and video pricing pages. Here is our wedding video prices page, along with our wedding albums and wedding photo prices. This page provides Los Angeles engagement photography prices and packages, along with Orange County engagement photos pricing. We service Orange County and Los Angeles as part of our service area with no travel fees. Travel fees apply to San Diego and other areas outside of the LA and OC Metros region.